Contribute to the yarn fund

Contributions after July 29, 2021 will be put towards spaces in the summer 2022 yarn club.

If you would like to spread a little joy to a limited or low-income maker, we invite you to contribute to our yarn fund

  • Contribute any amount, large or small. We will pool all contributions together.
  • A full accounting of contributions and grants is published after grants are issued.
  • Your contribution is not tax deductible; you are simply covering the costs of a product for a fellow maker. 
  • All contributions and grants are confidential and we will never share personal details. 
  • This program allows us to make yarn and patterns more accessible while still being fairly paid for our work.

    By default, amounts are displayed in Canadian dollars. To see amounts in another currency, use the currency drop-down menu at the top of the page (bottom on mobile devices).

    Click here to apply for a grant.