SHAWL : Small Batch 006

This colourway fades from desaturated greys at one end to bold, saturated greens and blues at the other. This is listed as a small batch and there are no plans to restock this colourway.

Though totally different colours, the overall progression from bright to faded is similar to River Rock (pictured). The patterns is Gravitate by Woolenberry knit with a 115 g skein. The pattern could be easily modified to use a 170 g skein. 

This listing is for one skein of yarn, not the final knitted item. 

We sell regular and XL skeins:
115 g (4 oz) is a standard skein
170 g (6 oz) is 1.5 times a standard skein
More more detail, see our base yarns.

Our photos are intended to capture the overall feel of the colourway, but our dye lots do vary. Look here for more info about our yarn, including a description of our base yarns.

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