If you are not already planning to attend, there are a few things you should know about Fibrations:

1. It is happening next Sunday, August 17 from 10 am - 4pm. 

2. It takes places in beautiful, sunny Victoria BC.

3. More specifically, it takes place in the picturesque orchard on the grounds of St. Ann's Academy. 

4. To quote their website, Fibrations is a "community-based celebration of all things fibre". 

5. Vendors include everyone from trendy Ravelry hipster types to traditional First Nations artisans. There's a nice write-up here

6. Admission is free.

7. The toonie raffle lets you support the event financially while also possibly winning some amazing prizes donated by the vendors. 

8. We will be there too! 

Because I am hilarious, I have been joking that our booth will be a lemonade stand this year. This is funny, you see, since we have had some problems with the mill that supplies our base yarn. And therefore an abundant supply of metaphorical lemons with which to make lemonade. 

This year, lemonade will come in the form of some new yarn bases that we are excited to be testing out. It may be lemonade, but it is damn tasty. We are bringing some BFL wool for hard-wearing socks, and a gorgeous 50/50 merino/silk blend that will make the most shiny, drapey scarves and shawls. 

Which brings me to:

9. We will be bringing a small selection of our brand-spankin-new SHAWL YARN! This is self-striping yarn that has been specifically designed to work for triangular shawls. Much hoopla to follow when we add it to the online shop in September.

And finally:

10. We will also have a bin of Studio Seconds yarn. Come take a look if you want a great deal and enjoy yarn that has a mind of its own. 

Hope to see you there!  

p.s. Have you already seen this recipe for peach and cardamom lemonade? That's what I'm talkin' about. 

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