5 tips for knitting Our Solar System socks

Sock placement options

We’ve invited Holli Yeoh to guest post and talk about how she would knit socks with our new Our Solar System colourway.

Holli has also offered us a coupon code on her Tip Toe Up pattern. Use the code SOLAR in her Ravelry or Payhip shop for a 15% discount. 

Whether you choose to knit a round-trip with sunny toes on one foot and the far reaches of the solar system adorning your toes on the other foot, or make your sock journey a one-way ticket for two, these tips will help you get started and plan out a pit stop for your heel.

1. Use a Sock Pattern That Doesn’t Disrupt the Flow of Stripes

Conventional sock construction with a heel flap and gusset changes the stitch count through the instep, which in turn affects the width of the stripes. My Tip Toe Up pattern—a toe up sock pattern with a forethought heel—eliminates this problem and allows the brilliantly designed stripe progression to continue, unaffected, over the instep.

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