Announcing shop updates and a new pattern!

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Even though our website has been quiet lately, it has been a busy fall and we have lots to tell you about!

First off, we are happy to announce the release of our new (free!) pattern, the Hydrogen Shawl. Like its namesake, the Hydrogen Shawl is a simple, no-frills basic. Classic and effective on its own, it is also a starting point for a whole world of possibilities. The pattern is intended as an introduction to working with our self-striping shawl yarn, and includes suggestions for customizing your project. 

But hmmm... perhaps you'd like some yarn to go with that pattern? No problem. We've got not one but two shop updates coming at you soon. 

This Thursday, October 15 at 2 pm PDT, we will be updating our web shop with lots of in-stock, ready-to-ship yarn. Unlike our usual dyed-to-order updates, will be able to start shipping immediately (though it may take 1-2 weeks to get all orders in the mail). 

And if that update doesn't have what you're looking for, we will be opening up pre-orders on Thursday, November 5 at 10 am PST. This update will include some new colourways and a collaboration with Kate Atherley - more details coming soon!

Since this is our first update in a while, we are expecting some colourways will sell out quickly. This can be disappointing and frustrating so here are a few tips to hopefully help the update run more smoothly:
  • The way we will update the shop will be to hide all the products in the hour or so before 2 pm, update inventory levels, and make everything visible again at exactly 2 pm. If the shop looks empty, wait a minute and refresh your browser. 
  • Unlike our recent pre-orders, shawl and classic/sock yarns will be listed as separate products. 
  • Our shop uses industry-standard best practices for managing shopping carts and checkout. Unfortunately this means your cart is not "protected" and you may find items are unavailable once you reach the checkout. This is awkward, but totally out of our control. 
  • We are happy to combine shipping and refund any extra charges, so if you find something you like, you can buy it right away and then come back for more leisurely browsing after.
  • We accept credit cards but not paypal. We are in Canada, so make sure your card will allow you to make purchases outside the US. 
  • We will have hundreds of skeins available and will be stocking sock and shawl yarn in most of our existing colourways (including shawl yarn in Concrete and Tulips, Peacock and Olive Branch). However, we won't be publishing a full inventory ahead of time and obviously can't guarantee how long any particular colourway will last.
  • Finally, we hope to get back to having more frequent updates. So if the timing of this update is bad for you, no worries, we will have more yarn again soon! 
If you've made it this far, sorry for the long post and thanks for sticking with it!
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