New colourways!

I had this blog post written up and ready to go before our November 5 shop update, but had some, um, "scheduling issues" and didn't publish it in time. So. Better Late Than Never, right? And so, without further ado, may I present our new colourways?


We are excited to introduce twelve (!) new colourways. We are trying a few new things with this collection of greys and brights (mis-matched socks! gradient-stripes!) so be sure to click through to the product pages to take a look at the samples we have knit up. 


And what better way to celebrate new colourways than with a beautiful new pattern? May I present Get Happy by Kate Atherley. As Kate says, "it's inspired by a traditional Hap shawl, but entirely modern and utterly wearable. This is an easy and fun knit, suitable for even the newest lace knitters." (Shown here in our Fade to Blue colourway.)

Kate has taken some liberties with the colourway - taking the pop of colour from the "bottom" of the skein and using at the "top" to great effect. 

Finally, a bit of shop news: you may notice that we are in the process of updating our website. One improvement is that we now have a currency selector at the top of the page that will convert all dollar values to your selected currency. We are also working to improve our patterns page with a gallery of finished samples...coming soon!

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