Giveaway winner and a colour palette

...and the winner of the giveaway is Nick with comment #65: 

"I would do pistachio green, chocolate brown, and red brick."

I quite enjoyed reading through everyone's colour combinations. They were wildly and wonderfully varied in every possible way.

Reading the comments also gave me a new appreciation for the cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words. For example, what does Nick's colourway, above, look like to you? What colour, exactly, is chocolate brown? It sounds delicious, but are we talking milk chocolate? Dark chocolate? Does it have red undertones? Green? 

Ditto pistachio green (semi-neutral? vibrant?) and red brick (browny-red? reddy-brown?).

This type of thing is so interesting to me that I put together the colour palettes you see above - one is my interpretation of Nick's colourway, the other three are based on slightly more authoritative sources. These are not just slight variations on the same thing, are they? The X11 standard (used by web browsers) is all bright and happy, while the Benjamin Moore colours are semi-neutrals. Me and fall somewhere in between. 

If I were trying to make a point here, and I'm not entirely sure that I am, it would be about how subjective and personal colour is. And also, the X11 standard is just wrong about the colour of chocolate. I mean really, orange? 

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