A Checklist of Birds

Checklist of birds

A Checklist of Birds is our 2022 fall collaboration with Andrea Rangel. Not only do the colours represent eight of our favourite birds in the Pacific Northwest, but the texture pattern for each bird is actually a chart showing how common that species is throughout the year.

You have your choice of a "multi-bird" pair of socks with the Checklist colourway (above), or "single-bird" socks with a flock of eight identical birds per colourway (below).

A Checklist of Birds rainbow of yarn hanks Gauge Dye Works Andrea Rangel

There are eight birds in our Checklist. From left to right, these are Anna's Hummingbird, Rufous Hummingbird, Northern Flicker, Varied Thrush, American Goldfinch, Mallard, Steller's Jay, and Great Blue Heron.

The sock pattern is sold separately through Andrea's website and Ravelry

If you're interested in a little background on how this collection came together, I've been writing about it over on Substack. If you're new to Substack, there is no login or subscription required. However, if you enjoy my rambling descriptions and want more, you can subscribe (for free) to receive new posts by email when they are published.

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