A Garden Wedding

A Garden Wedding Shawl Andrea Rangel

Andrea Rangel’s sister got married this spring. This is the shawl Andrea knit for the occasion. 

It turns out that when a detail-oriented knitwear designer makes something for herself without worrying about how many charts it would require, or whether it might be a little too “extra” for the rest of us, the result is truly epic.

This shawl is a statement piece that combines intricate cables and lace with bold colourwork. If you are ready for a fun knitting adventure, this one's for you.

We have the yarn listed in our shop now, and the pattern is available through Andrea’s website or on Ravelry

Garden Wedding yarn skeins

The shawl pattern is written for two sizes: small and large (though “large” and “even larger” would be more accurate). Each kit contains 5 skeins of our Merino Worsted yarn. 

The small shawl requires 900 yd / 820m of yarn. The finished wingspan is 58 in / 148 cm. The kit contains 4 x 115 g / 4 oz blue skeins plus 1 x mini skein of contrast yarn. 

The large shawl requires 1330 yd / 1220 m of fingering weight yarn. The finished wingspan is 74 in / 188 cm. The kit contains 4 x 170 g / 6 oz blue skeins plus 1 x mini skein of contrast yarn.

The body of the shawl is worked in a gentle gradient that flows from a light periwinkle to a dark grey/blue. In the photos, it looks like the blue yarn is four skeins, each a slightly darker shade than the last. In fact, the colour shifts slowly through each skein so that the end of one skein matches the start of the next.

The colour change is so subtle that we’ve marked the “beginning” end of the skeins with a pop of colour (pink/orange/yellow/green) so you can tell what order to knit them in, and which end to start with.

In Bloom Socks

We've been sharing bits and pieces of our design process for this collaboration, so you might remember that early on, I put together a bright, cheery colour palette based on the colours in Andrea's gown.

In the end it wasn't the right look for the shawl Andrea had in mind, but it was just a perfect match for Andrea's Saxe Point Socks pattern. The playful colours combined with a gradient yarn for the stranded colourwork give these socks a whole new look. 

The yarn is called In Bloom and you can find it here

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