All prices in Canadian Dollars

website with currency highlighted

Prices on our website will now be shown in Canadian Dollars (CAD) by default. To view prices in other currencies, you can use the drop-down box at the top of the page (bottom on a mobile device). 

We have always set our prices in CAD, and at checkout all transactions have always been processed in CAD. Our prices have not changed. The only thing that has changed is that the default currency on the product pages is now CAD rather than USD. 

In case you're curious: When we first started out, we used CAD only in the shop. This was simple and straightforward, but, despite the fine print, a lot of folks assumed our prices were in USD. When our website introduced a feature allowing users to choose the display currency, we thought that would solve all our problems and enabled it, defaulting to USD since most our customers are American. Spoiler alert: it did not solve all our problems. 

Lately I've received emails from Americans who couldn't figure out why the prices suddenly got higher at checkout (answer: different currency) and Canadians who were disappointed that we didn't use CAD (we do). I totally see where the confusion comes from and I'm so grateful they took the time to reach out. Customer feedback is critical for being able to adapt and improve and I really do appreciate hearing from folks when they see room for improvement. 

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