Colourwheel is back and it's blue!

Colourwheel is one of our long-time favourites, and any time it goes out of stock I get emails wondering when it will be back. I’m pleased to say that it’s back, and better than ever!

Like the original, three quarters of the skein is a self-striping rainbow. But now the other quarter is a beautiful solid blue, as opposed to the grey of the original.  

Why the solid section? Thanks for asking! I like to think about the finished project when I’m planning stripes, and there are very few knits that use exactly one skein of yarn. I want my socks to have a full colourwheel without making them an awkward size I will never wear.

For many socks (and hats and cowls), about 300 m worth of rainbow seems to do the trick, with that extra 100 m of cyan so you can use as much or as little of it as you need. It’ll look intentional and well-planned but you only have to think about size, not about squeezing all the colours into the right place.

And if your project needs a smidge more than one skein rather than less? No problem! That’s why I also dye larger skeins. They have about 450 m worth of rainbow and 150 m of solid.

Image 1: Colourful yarn on a white background. There’s a knitted tube with alternating bright and pale stripes, plus a quarter of a skein of a solid cyan wound into a ball. 

Image 2: A twisted hank of yarn. There’s a lot of blue showing, but there are peeks of a whole rainbow of colours hiding inside the twists.

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