Design process: Morning and Evening

Morning and Evening knit scarf by Andrea rangel gauge dye works
This scarf, the August project in my club with Andrea Rangel, came together quite quickly. Other than all the knitting, which clearly took a little while. But conceptually it was quick. 
It began with a sketch and a swatch Andrea did with some yarn she had lying around in colours she found inspiring. 
Sketch for morning and evening scarf Andrea Rangel Gauge Dye Works
My dyeing method doesn't allow me to do speckles, but I tried to recreate the feel of a neutral with pops of colour along the way. 
circular sock machine swatches for morning and evening hand knit scarf
With the colours decided, I dyed up test skeins for Andrea to work with. 
Progress shots knitting mornings and evening scarf
We made a couple minor adjustments along the way but stayed remarkably true to Andrea's original sketches. I'm so happy with the final result! 
celebratory emojis
Pattern by Andrea Rangel. Professional photography by Zee Photo. Unprofessional photography by me and Andrea. Model Jessica Duncan.
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