One skein = one self-striping rainbow baby sweater

Self-striping rainbow baby sweater knitting | Gauge Dye Works

You're probably here because of this post of this one. (And if you're not, definitely go look there first. You'll be rewarded with photos cutie-patootie baby in an adorable sweater giving his candid opinion of his stuffed rabbit.)

So here's the deal: it's a sweater-in-a-skein. Self-striping sweater yarn. When the Yarn Harlot tells you to make some yarn, you make some yarn. (Well, first you quietly freak out, and then you make some yarn.)

So to knit this thing, you cast on at the neck and just keep knitting - the colour changes happen on their own, each stripe the same width, until you reach the solid blue body section. I also included a little green at the end of the skein in case you want to add in a little flair at the bottom ribbing like I did, or you decide to add ADORABLE BABY POCKETS and want to line them in green.

We knit up a Flax Light sweater, but any top-down raglan sweater or cardigan pattern would do the trick. Gauge isn't super critical; the colour changes just happen when they happen and you don't have to worry about it. 

I added a batch to the shop a couple days ago and they sold in a flash, so to answer your question, YES, there will definitely be more! (There's a signup form for my mailing list at the bottom of the page if you want to hear from me as soon as there's more sweater yarn in the shop.)
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