Santa Clara is here!

Santa Clara hand knit sweater pattern

Mara Bryner of orangeknits has just released her stunning Santa Clara sweater that features an eye-catching colourwork yoke knit in my CLASSIC self-striping yarn. It's shown here in All Together Now, with the sweater body in YOTH Big Sister in Peach

The pattern calls for about half a skein of self-striping yarn and it is worked held double. All Together Now a great choice because it has a long pattern repeat that works its way through the rainbow just once over the entire yoke. 

However, this stitch pattern also shines in a more traditional striping pattern, and Mara has her own version pairing Cathedral Grove with YOTH's Saffron

It would even be a great way to use up your self-striping leftovers - two different colourways held together would be stunning! 

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