Still more rainbows

Knitted rainbow yarn from Gauge Dye Works

February was full of colour here at Gauge. We are slowly but surely working out the kinks in our new setup and dyeing rainbow after rainbow to test it out. It's a fun and challenging process. I love behind-the-scenes glimpses at other people's workspaces and I'd like, someday, to give you a better tour of our space and a few peeks at how we dye yarn without accidentally giving away the recipe to the special sauce or being overly vague. While I figure out how to walk that line, I will throw the occasional photo or video into my instagram stories if you're interested. 

The yarn in these photos made its way into the shop last month. I'll have at least a couple more shop updates with variations on these colour tests before I get back to our regular colourways. (Including, yes, Whiskey in a Teacup).

Four knitted tubes from Gauge Dye Works

As you've no doubt heard, many events, including VKL Seattle, are being cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. It's a necessary precaution, but put vendors, teachers, and organizers in a tough position. Gauge hasn't been affected, but I do have a humble request on behalf of my fellow dyers and fibre friends: if you were planning on attending an event that has been cancelled, please consider taking the money you budgeted for the marketplace and spending it online with the same vendors you hoped to visit in person. Check the vendor lists on event websites and keep an eye out for some fun virtual/alternate markets and classes (like this one) in the coming weeks. 

As they say, keep calm and carry yarn.

Knitted rainbow yarn

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