That self-striping sweater yarn you've heard about...

self striping baby sweater knitting yarn

You're probably here because you saw the yarnharlot's post. (And if you're not, go read that one first...)

To answer your questions:

1. Self-striping sweater yarn is a thing now. Starting with baby sweaters - a single skein gets you a nice striped yoke plus enough of a solid colour for the body and sleeves. 

2. When I say "is a thing now" I mean that I dyed a single skein and then handed it to the most famous knitter in the world who then knit with it and wrote a glowing post about it.

3. Current mental state: *OMG! it cool... WHAAAAAAAT! ...super cool... HURRAY! chill... YAY! repeat from * until basically forever. 

4. So obviously I'm going to be making more of this yarn ASAP.

5. Even the skein pictured above is not the sweater yarn - it's the SHAWL version of the same colours. 

6. I'll let you know as soon as I've made more yarn. The best way to make sure you hear about it is to sign up for my mailing list. (Thank you!)

7. Thank you for all the enthusiasm!

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