We're back!

Knit City Booth Day 1

Random update for ya:

We're back from Knit City! Here's a little peek at our booth from the weekend. Not a fantastic photo, but I always love seeing other people's booths, so it seemed fair to share too.

(Fellow vendors: if you're wondering, nearly everything I've got in my booth is either gridwall or IKEA. I got a lot of questions about the lights - they are IKEA Hektar lights that we've attached to those gridwall faceouts.)

I'm taking a few days off this week, but will be back at it next week - dyeing again and restocking the shop with everything that came home with us from Knit City. 

My dyeing queue the next couple weeks includes: 1. your Knox Fade pre-orders, 2.  Summer Nights collection and Knox Fade for the shop. 3. Weekend and Phi have been the most requested lately, so those too! 

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