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Welcome to Gauge Dye Works, where curiosity, story telling, and yarn come together! We're a husband and wife team with a passion for crafting delightful self-striping yarn for fellow knitting nerds. Our mission is to infuse every skein with colours and patterns that spark joy and ignite your creative projects.

Our Story

Gauge began with the thought "there must be a better way" when we learned how labour intensive it is to dye self-striping yarn. 

Being engineers by profession, we approached self-striping yarn as a challenge waiting for a more efficient solution. We envisioned a process that would not only produce stunning and intricate color patterns but also streamline the dyeing process to reduce waste and maximize precision.

After extensive research and countless experiments, we developed a proprietary dyeing method that was both efficient and precise, allowing us to create self-striping yarn that exceeded our expectations. Our engineering mindset drove us to optimize every aspect, from color selection to dye distribution, resulting in yarn that offers a seamless and delightful knitting experience.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Customization & Variety: We offer a wide array of colors and patterns, allowing you to find the perfect match for your creative vision.

  • Sustainability Commitment: We are committed to sustainable and eco-friendly dyeing practices, minimizing our environmental footprint.

  • Artistic Craftsmanship: Our self-striping yarn is carefully dyed to ensure vibrant, consistent, and eye-catching patterns in every skein.

  • Quality & Softness: We prioritize the softness and quality of our yarn, ensuring a delightful knitting experience with every stitch.

  • Optimized Dyeing Process: Our engineering background led us to develop a method that optimizes the dyeing process, ensuring consistent and striking patterns in every skein.
  • Precision and Accuracy: We use engineering principles to maintain precision in color application, guaranteeing that each stripe aligns perfectly with the design.
  • Sustainable Innovation: Engineering also guided our commitment to sustainability, enabling us to reduce water and dye wastage, making our self-striping yarn an environmentally conscious choice.

With engineering at our core, we are driven to continually enhance our processes and bring you the most efficient, vibrant, and beautifully patterned self-striping yarn. We invite you to experience the blend of engineering ingenuity and knitting artistry that defines [Your Business Name].

Our Promise


At [Your Business Name], we're more than just a yarn supplier; we're your creative partner. We promise to deliver yarn that inspires, colors that mesmerize, and patterns that amaze. We're here to support your crafting journey and turn your knitting ideas into stunning reality.

Join Our Yarn Adventure

Every skein of self-striping yarn holds a story, waiting for you to bring it to life. Join us on this colorful adventure and let's knit the world a little brighter, one stripe at a time!


Gauge Dye Works is an artisan yarn company specializing in self-striping yarns. We sell our products worldwide through our online shop. 

We strive to make our business and our online spaces safe and inclusive. You are welcome here regardless of your race, colour, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, size, or ability.

We are based in Victoria, BC, on the traditional territories of the Lekwungen people.

At Gauge, we are trying to do our part to minimize our environmental footprint. We use minimal packaging and recycled materials where possible. 

We were formerly caterpillargreen and changed our name in February 2017.