A sheep and a shawl

Skyline shawl with friendly sheep

1. While I was taking pictures of some shawls, a friendly sheep came over to say hi. She (he?) could clearly tell that I wanted to get some pictures of her with the shawl, so she hung around patiently while I fiddled with camera settings and took awkward picture after awkward picture. She gave me lots of options: head sticking through the fence, grazing quietly, standing majestically, left side, right side, head on. Couldn't have been a more photogenic or understanding model. Eventually, she realized this was not going to be her big break into fashion photography and wandered off to find a goose to bleat at. It was a nice time while it lasted.

2. Thanks so much for your support with last week's shop update! I underestimated the amount of interest there would be and I'm sorry to anyone who was disappointed at not being able to find what they were looking for. The next update will be November 2 and it will be bigger and better than the last one. Lots of shawl yarn in Concrete and Tulips, plus a few other colourways. 

3. I'm trying out Disqus for managing comments on the blog. I think this will be a much better solution, and thanks in advance for your patience if things are weird for a few days (weeks?) while I figure it out. 

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