Pre-orders open January 24 at noon PST

Our gorgeous MCN base is back in stock and we will be accepting pre-orders for self-striping yarn in all our colourways. 

This update will include large (~600 yd) skeins of our shawl yarn, and regular (~400 yd) skeins of classic/sock yarn. All the yarn will be dyed-to-order, so please keep in mind it may take up to 6-8 weeks for orders to ship.

Since we've been quiet for many weeks now, this batch of pre-orders may be snapped up quickly… but not to worry, there are plenty more updates on the way!
Also, you may notice that our prices have increased slightly due to, well, many things becoming more expensive. However, if you are American, you may think that our prices have dropped slightly, since we price in CAD and the exchange rate is low right now. 
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