Pre-orders open Saturday, February 21 at noon PST

 We will be opening up pre-orders this Saturday, February 21, at noon PST.

We will be accepting pre-orders for all our colourways. Large (~600 yd) skeins of our shawl yarn will be available in our gorgeous MCN base, and regular (~400 yd) skeins of our classic/sock yarn will be available in our soft-but-sturdy Merino Twist base.

All yarn will be dyed-to-order, so please keep in mind it may take 6-8 weeks for orders to ship. 

If you'd like to do some window shopping ahead of time, you can check out our colour ways here. The bar across the bottom of each image shows the striping pattern.

Our last few updates have sold out quickly and we've had several requests for tips on how to snag a few skeins. I don't think I have any brilliant insights for you, but here are a few thoughts:

1. Check the website right at noon. If you get there a minute or two early, refresh your browser until you see the new products. 

2. Pre-order products will appear at the bottom of the home page - one for shawls and one for classic yarn. Choose the one you are interested in, and then select your colourway on the product page. 

3. Once you've filled your cart, proceed quickly to the checkout. Have your payment info handy. [Digression: It feels crappy to have items disappear from your cart, or to have PayPal tell you, at the final second, that the products are sold out.  It's an unfortunate and unavoidable part of selling and buying things online. I do apologize for any frustrations. We are working our way towards bigger and more frequent updates so this becomes less of an issue!]

See you Saturday!

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