All Together Now

Everyday Shawl all tougher now gauge dye works knitting

All Together Now is a favourite colourway from five (!) years ago. We've given it a bit of a makeover, and are happy to have it back just in time for summer knitting. 

As with so many of our colourways, we have a SHAWL version and a CLASSIC/SOCK version. 

SHAWL: Unlike the socks, the shawl version of this yarn goes through the rainbow of colours only once. The shawl shown here is Everyday Shawl by Sweaterfreak Knits and was made using the 170 g / 6 oz skein. Knit and photographed by nerdbirdmakery


CLASSIC: Each skein has four repeats of the rainbow. You can make matching socks, or, like we did here, a playfully mis-matched pair.  Each short sock in the photo uses just over one quarter of a regular (115 g/4 oz) skein. 

These were knit on a circular sock machine and use a folded hem and short-row heel. If you'd like to use these techniques for your hand knit socks, I found a couple how-to videos you might like. 

Summer Lee has a tutorial on working the folded hem at the cuff. There are a few different options for a folded cuff and this video shows the method I like best: cast on as usual, work in stockinette, and finish by loosely sewing the folded edge to the inside of the cuff. 

[Update: Anoush just sent me this Ravelry link with a variation on the folded cuff that has an extra "tab" at the back to help keep the socks from slipping off. I haven't tried it yet, but I love this little detail.]

Andrea Rangel has a tutorial on working a short-row heel. I like a deeper heel, so I started with more than half the stitches (34 stitches for the heel, leaving 26 at the front of the leg). 

Since the socks were knit on a machine, I also did a short-row toe. It is worked exactly the same as a short-row heel, starting with the bottom half of the stitches. The final step is to kitchener stitch the completed toe to the top of the foot. 

These techniques can be substituted into your favourite sock pattern. If you're looking for a starting point, I like Rye Light by Tin Can Knits and Tip Toe Up Socks by Holli Yeoh. 

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