Baby sweaters are back!

three white light baby sweaters


One-skein baby sweater yarn is back in the shop. See all your sweater options here.

After being out of stock for far too long, our sweater yarn is back in a bunch of colours. If you aren't already familiar with this yarn, it's a one-skein, self-striping baby sweater. Just let the colours do the work for you! You cast on at the neck and the yarn creates a beautiful rainbow of stripes around the shoulders, then switches to a solid colour for the body and arms.

If you’re looking for a quicker knit, check out our worsted options for a Sock Arms sweater. The adorable sweater below used about half a skein of All Together Now for the arms, leaving plenty of leftovers for the matching hat!



Image 1: A family of three sweaters with rainbow striped yokes. From left to right, the sweaters are green, blue and purple.

Image 2: Four skeins of yarn. The three on the left are our White Light colourway and are used to knit the sweaters in the picture above. The skein on the right is called Whiskey in a Teacup and has dark grey for the main colour of the sweater.

Image 3: A toddler sweater with a grey body and colourful, varietgated arms. A matching hat knit with a honeycomb pattern knit with the leftovers from the sweater.

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