Fall Preview

A little creative doodle. A knitted tube of yarn with four variegated white-and-colour sections. The top section is mostly green, the next is pink, then blue, then purple, then back to a bit of green at the bottom.

The shop will be quiet for the next couple weeks as I prepare for Knit City, but there’s a lot coming up soon!


Instagram Live with Andrea Rangel

In celebration of our August club, Andrea and I will be going live on instagram next Wednesday, September 13 at 9:30 am PT. We will discuss the pattern and yarn, and how this project came to be.


Knit City

Come visit us at our booth at Knit City in Vancouver, September 23-24! Saturday morning is usually bustling with eager shoppers, while Sunday afternoon is a more relaxed environment. Plan accordingly! You can get marketplace tickets at the door, but I recommend getting your tickets online ahead of time.


Whale Yarn

I’ve been dropping hints all year about the orca colourways I’m working on. It’s (finally) almost ready! The first skeins will be coming to Knit City with us. I’m going to call Knit City a soft launch because I won’t have all the postcards and blog posts with detailed explanations etc. But the most important part, the yarn, will be there!

Small Batches

I took a small break from production dyeing last month to play around with different techniques and styles. The result is the yarn in the photo above. I ended up dyeing a batch just like in the photo, plus separate batches of each of the different colours. Since they were really doodles and not something I could easily reproduce, I’ll be labeling them as small batches and when they’re gone, they’re gone. I’ll have them with me at Knit City, and then in the shop once I restock.



The shop will remain sold out until I return from Knit City. Once we are back, I will do a big restock with all the yarn that comes home with us. Depending on how things go, this will either mean more yarn back in the shop the last week of September, or the first week of October.

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