Fibrations festival

Our local fibre festival, Fibrations is this Sunday, September 19 in Victoria, BC! We will have seconds skeins, all our new colourways, and more. 

  • Seconds skeins! We are bringing two big tubs of (heavily discounted) seconds skeins. Skeins may be marked as seconds for various reasons, including uneven dying, knots or messy joins, or being an experimental or small batch colourway. 
  • This is your first chance to grab a skein of our Botanical Sampler cowl yarn from last year's August club with Andrea Rangel.
  • We are turning the graphic above into a Fibrations colourway (similar to these). In support of the festival's fundraising efforts, $5 from each skein sold will be donated to the Indian Residential School Survivor Society. We are dyeing a limited number and any extras will be added to our online shop the following week.  
  • Toonie raffle! As always, the toonie raffle is a big part of what makes Fibrations possible. Look for our Botanical Sampler and Fibrations yarn in the raffle tent. 
  • We are bringing all our new (or new-ish) colourways including Our Solar System, Hello World, and Live Long and Prosper. 
  • Masks are recommended everywhere on festival grounds and are required in our booth. 

Typically, our booth is busy when the market opens at 10am, and things slow down after lunch. If you prefer a more leisurely experience, we recommend coming later in the day. We will be there until 6pm! 

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