Fibrations 2016

We're getting ready for our local fiber fair, Fibrations, this Sunday. See you there? 

Sunday, Aug 21, 10:00 - 4:00

Fairfield Gonzales Community Place, 1330 Fairfield Rd, Victoria, BC

We will be bringing lots of self-striping yarn for shawls and socks, plus a few special extras: studio seconds and a Fibrations-inspired limited-edition colourway. 

Fibrations socks

Fun, right? It absolutely looks like clown barf in the skein*, but knit up, it's a stripy-gradient starting with rich reds through oranges and yellows to bright, grassy greens. These socks** are too short to fully show the greens, but can you tell we are heading in that direction? 

I only dyed up about a dozen of these skeins, so if this is your thing you have two options: A) be in Victoria on Sunday and swing by our booth at Fibrations, or B) go check my instagram account for a chance to win one. 

I'm loving this new dyeing technique, so there will be more of these stripey-gradienty colourways in the shop soon! (Soon-ish, anyway. September is crazy busy for us all, right?)

Finally, a quick note about studio seconds. These are all high-quality yarns that didn't quite make the cut for being sold in the web shop. Some of them have a knot or bulky join in the yarn. Some are underweight. Most are simply one-of-a-kind and that's awkward to sell online. All of them will still knit up beautifully and since I can't manage that much personal knitting, I'm selling them at a huge discount. Win-win. 

* You might think it still looks like clown barf when knit up? That's fair. But it's organized clown barf. 

** These socks being Rose City Rollers by Mara Catherine Bryner.

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