I made some beautiful mistakes!

I have two beautiful mistakes to show you today.

First up is what I’m calling Small Batch 045 (above). It is what Wildflower Fade looks like if you don’t add any blue: the purples come out pink, and the greens turn yellow. Isn’t it gorgeous? I may dye this again on purpose some day, but for now I have fourteen skeins in the shop. Grab one while they last!

Second is a big batch of Colourwheel, but with blue instead of grey at the end. I knit up this sample and realised that what looks like a shadow is actually dye transfer. There's a bit of blue in the yellow and orange stripes. Whoops!

I don’t know how many skeins in this batch were affected, but it's so subtle that there’s no way for me to tell without knitting them all up. So, I'm turning my mistake into a good deal for you. We are labelling the whole batch as seconds and selling it at a 30% discount. This happened during dyeing, but rest assured the colours in the final skeins are properly set.


Image 1: Small Batch 045 is a variegated-fade colourway that transitions from hot pink at one end of the skein, to golden yellow in the middle, back to hot pink at the other end.

Image 2: Colourwheel is a striped rainbow that starts at blue, moves through pinks and yellow, and back to blue. There was some dye transfer in this skein and a faint tinge of blue can be seen in the yellows and oranges.

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