June Club Reveal

It’s time to share our June club project!  This month’s pattern and yarn were inspired by the eerily beautiful moon jellies we have in the waters off the West Coast. 

A ribbed toque was a natural choice as their bodies are quite hat-like. For the pattern, Andrea Rangel added some design features to mimic jelly biology: ribbing for tentacles, and a small section of stranded colourwork to recreate the four distinctive circular structures at the top of their bells.

The colourway was inspired by the jelly's coastal habitat. The fading grey/blue/green colours were meant to capture the changing nature of their environment as a jelly moves deeper and away from shore. I couldn't resist adding a few little pops of yellowy-peach to the yarn as a nod to the moon jelly's subtle coloration. 

If you’d like to hear more about the project and our design process, come watch me and Andrea chat about it over on Instagram.

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