Monte Carlo yarn

 Monte Carlo yarn gauge dye works stochastic hunter hammersen

If you've been following along on instagram, you'll know that designer Hunter Hammersen has been working on a hat in Gauge yarn. The pattern will be released later this month, but we've got the yarn available now as a pre-order (here) for anyone who wants to cast on asap. 

What you need to know: 

  • One skein (115 g/4 oz) of this worsted weight yarn will make one hat.
  • The hat pattern will be sold separately and available through Ravelry and Payhip
  • We will aim to ship the yarn asap, but it may take up to 4 weeks to fulfill all orders. 

Hunter and I connected on instagram last year when she suggested the winning names "Round Trip" and "One Way Trip" for our solar system yarns. After a bit of chatting back and forth, she threw out this idea she had for a hat and wondered if I'd be interested in dyeing some yarn for it (yes I would).

The yarn is dyed with a stretch of a contrast colour at one end for the brim of the hat, and then little blips of colour randomly throughout the rest of the skein. It is what Hunter calls "bossy yarn", where you just knit along minding your own business until the yarn tells you to do something (knit a special stitch in the contrast colour) and then go back to plain knit stitches until the yarn changes colour and bosses you around again.  

I've been calling this Hunter's Hat yarn, but now it has a real name. The hat pattern will be called Stochastic, which is a fancy statistics word that means "random" and refers to the blips of colour throughout the skein. In keeping with the theme, I'm calling the yarn Monte Carlo, because the Monte Carlo method is a stochastic process for numerical analysis and because I think the name has a nice ring to it. 

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