Preparing your Saxe Point Yarn

Posted on November 28, 2018 by Gauge Dye Works

Saxe Point socks French Beach Carmanah Gauge Dye Works Andrea Rangel

My most popular colourway this fall, hands down, has been the red-grey-tan Saxe Point, followed closely by the blue-grey-gold French Beach, both designed for Andrea Rangel's Saxe Point sock pattern. Carmanah, with its subtler green-grey-blue colours rounds out this collection.
Unlike your average self-striping sock yarn, these skeins are dyed with three distinct sections: stripes, heel/toe, and a contrast colour. For Saxe Point, the heel/toe is red; for French Beach, it's dark blue; and for Carmanah, it's light blue. 
If you're wondering how to best manage these different sections of the yarn, here's what Andrea recommends in the Saxe Point pattern:
  1. Wind the two solid colours in their own balls, so you can easily pull from them for the heels/toes/cuffs.
  2. Wind the striped portion into one ball. Knit your first sock, and then, for matching socks, pull off yarn until you see your starting colour again.

Saxe Point skein divided for sock pattern by Andrea Rangel Gauge Dye Works

There are ten stripes in the sequence (5 greys, 5 tan/brown/peach for Saxe Point) and the sequence repeats six times. So there are 60 stripes in total. If you would like to divide the stripes into two separate balls, you can count the colour changes to find the halfway point. 

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