Rising Dawn Kit

After sharing a picture of this stunning shawl on instagram and being inundated with customer requests, I've created a two-skein kit so you can knit your own Rising Dawn!  

This is a pre-order: I will start dyeing the yarn first thing next week and should be able to ship within about 2 weeks (although I always officially quote 6 weeks for a pre-order because I'm a one-woman dyeing operation and sometimes life is unpredictable!)

Already have some yarn in your stash you want to use? Here's the details: the shawl pictured above required about 700 yards of our classic weekend colourway - one full XL (170 g/6 oz) skein plus about a quarter of a regular skein. The pattern can be modified to use less yarn (either a single 115 g or 170 g skein) by working the final edging sooner than directed. 

ETA: Both skeins in this kit are dyed with an orange-to-blue gradient; the effect in this shawl comes from casting on with the orange end of the first skein, knitting the full skein, then joining the blue end of the second skein and knitting "towards" the orange. This is different than our classic weekend yarn, where each skein has orange at both ends and blue in the middle, allowing for a matching pair of socks.

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