Sock Arms FAQs

What colour options do you have? 

Our full collection of worsted weight yarns is here

At the moment, the only solids we have are the dark grey and an undyed cream. 

We have sweater samples knit up in Love is Love and Colourwheel

What pattern did you use? 

The pattern our testers used is actually two patterns - the adult and children's versions of Worsted Sock Arms by designer Tellybean Knits:

Worsted Sock Arms (adult XS - 6XL sizes): Ravelry or Tellybean's Shop
Little Worsted Sock arms (newborn - 12 year sizes): Ravelry or Tellybean's Shop

What is the fibre content of the worsted yarn? 

Our Merino Worsted is 100% superwash Merino wool spun into a bouncy 4-ply yarn.

How are the different sizes of yarn different? 

Most of our colourways all come in at least two sizes:

115 g / 4 oz = 197 m / 215 yd
170 g / 6 oz = 296 m / 323 yd

A large skein has the same number of stripes as a smaller skein. The difference is that each stripe is 1.5 times wider. 

Whiskey in a Teacup


What are the different options for Colourwheel?

We got so excited about the idea of mis-matched sleeves (with a continuous rainbow from one wrist to the other) that we decided to dye up four different sizes of Colourwheel. Options A and B are the "standard" skeins that we have dyed before. Versions C and D are two-skein sets that create a longer, continuous rainbow of stripes. 

A: one skein 115 g / 4 oz = 197 m / 215 yd
B: one skein 170 g / 6 oz = 296 m / 323 yd
C: two skeins for a total of 230 g / 8 oz = 394 m / 430 yd
D: two skeins for a total of 340 g / 12 oz = 592 m /646 yd

Colourwheel worsted


How much yarn do I need?

Please consult the pattern pages (above) for yardage information. 

We have also included details below on the yarn each of our testers used for their sweater arms. You may notice that the yarn amounts listed in the pattern are different than what our testers actually used. It is common for patterns to intentionally overestimate yarn requirements, to avoid the heartbreak of running out because you didn't quite get gauge, or due to a minor alteration like lengthening the sleeves. 

If you do decide to start with less yarn than the pattern calls for (e.g. knit a size medium with one skein of Colourwheel B like our testers did), please keep your wits about you, and be prepared to use a little extra grey to finish the cuffs if needed. 

Our first knitter made a size 3T for her sweet little boy. The arms of his sweater used 2 skeins of Colourwheel A for the arms. Each arm only used about one quarter of each skein, starting from the blue-green ends. Two skeins were required in order to make them matching. (Don't worry, it won't go to waste, there are already plans for a Big Sister size starting at the other end of the rainbow.)

Sarah-Mae knit herself a size medium sweater and used one skein of Colourwheel B for the arms. Since the arms are knit top-down, she divided the skein in two and started knitting the shoulders from the orange in the middle of the skein, moving towards blue at the cuffs. 

Lottie is wearing a sweater knit by her mom, Alice. This is also a size medium knit with one skein of Colourwheel B, but the arms are longer by one stripe. 

Arika is wearing a size 2XL. She used two full skeins of Colourwheel A for matching arms.

Jacquie is wearing a size 3XL. She used two skeins of Love is Love in the 170 g / 6 oz size. 

Can I use a different pattern? 

Yes! Absolutely. We chose this pattern because it was written specifically for self-striping yarn and we like the set-in sleeves. If you prefer a raglan construction, look for sleeves that are knitted separately and sewn to the body, like the Gartrell Crew by Tanis LaVallee. 

What yarn should I use for the body? 

Our samples use Gauge yarn for the whole sweater, but you can work with whatever you like best. The arms and body can be knit from different yarns, but be sure to swatch them both and adjust needle sizes as needed so that the body and arms are worked at the same gauge. 

Can I knit a fingering weight version? 

Yes! There is a fingering weight version of the Sock Arms pattern (links below), and it would pair well with any of the fingering weight yarn we dye. 

Sock Arms (adult XS - 6XL sizes): Ravelry or Tellybean's Shop
Little Sock Arms (newborn - 12 year sizes): Ravelry or Tellybean's Shop 

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