Summer Club announcements

purple camas in bloom

I have announcements! 

  • June Club signups open next Wednesday, May 20, 2020! You can find it here, but it will say "sold out" until the 20th. Last year we sold out the first day, so mark your calendars if you want in!

  • Grant applications for limited or low-income makers are now open! Grants are funded by fellow makers and will cover the full cost of a June club subscription. Learn more, apply, or contribute here. (Thank you so much to everyone who’s already contributed!)

  • Just a little note to emphasize that this signup is for the June club only. This year, each subscription will be for a single month. The date for the next one is still tbd, but it will not be in July. This means we will have extra time between clubs for...(see next line)

  • This year we’ll be hosting an informal knit-along in the Gauge Ravelry group, so we’ll have a chance to chat, share WIP photos, and enjoy each other’s company! 

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