Grant Program

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While we’re calling this a grant program, we hope it will be an opportunity for connection and community. Folks who are financially able can spread some joy by covering costs for a fellow knitter, and folks who don’t usually indulge in luxury yarns can enjoy a special project or two. 

  • The grant program is funded by community contributions and is awarded to limited or low-income applicants via a lottery system. 
  • A full accounting of donations and grants is here
  • This program allows us to make yarn and patterns more accessible while still being fairly paid for our work.

Click here if you would like to contribute to the fund. 

Click here if you would like to apply for a grant. 

We would like to thank our generous 2019 contributors for kickstarting this program. There are many beautiful examples of individuals and companies finding ways to be more inclusive and we have learned from their examples. In particular, we’d like to thank Kim at Indigo Dragonfly, Caroline Dick, and Anne at Little Skein for their leadership and advice.