Apply for a grant

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Grant applications for June are now closed. Please check back mid-summer when we have grants available for the next instalment of our yarn club.   

If you are a limited or low-income maker with a deep passion for yarn, we invite you to apply for a grant. 

This month, each grant will cover the full costs of a subscription to our June 2021 yarn club. Grants will be awarded May 21.

  • Grants are funded by fellow makers who want to share their love of knitting and the fibre arts.
  • All applications will be kept strictly confidential. 
  • Recipients will be chosen by lottery.
  • A full accounting of contributions and grants will be published after grants are issued, but no personal information will ever be shared. 
  • Applications are on the honour system. 
  • We will fund as many grants as possible given the contributions, but may not be able to offer grants to all applicants. 


Applications are open to anyone, worldwide. This is for you if you:

  • are limited or low-income
  • usually shop for yarn at big box stores or thrift shops 
  • have not received a grant from us in the past six months 



Click here for more details on the yarn fund. 

Click here if you would like to contribute.