Summer Club FAQ

Our summer yarn + pattern club with Andrea Rangel is here! 

Sign up for the three month club here (shipments in June, July, and August).

Sign up for one month here (June only).


What is included in the club? 

The full club is three months. Each month, we will send you one skein of yarn and one knitting pattern by Andrea Rangel.

We also have an active Ravelry group where club members can chat about the club, share their progress, ask for advice, and cheer each other on. It's like an informal knit-along with friends every month. 


What do you mean when you say the yarn and the pattern "go together"? 

We worked back and forth with Andrea and designed the colourways and the patterns at the same time, so they really are made for each other. 

We like to plan the colour progression for the yarn by thinking of how it will be used, and what it will look like in a final project. For example, if you used standard self-striping yarn for a hat, the stripes would be very narrow. So, if we know we want to make a hat with the yarn, we will plan for longer sections of colour that will knit up into wider stripes. 

We usually work out the placement of colours to coordinate with the pattern too, like where you change the stitch pattern when the colour changes, or you wind some of the yarn into a separate ball to be used for stranded colourwork or the heels of socks. 

I think all that planning makes for fun knitting, and a finished object that leaves your friends in awe of your knitting skills. (Just take all the credit, don't tell them there were only two ends to weave in.)


Do we get to choose colours or patterns?

This year there is only one colour option each month, and it's a surprise! The photo above gives you an idea of the overall colour palette we worked with, but you won't know what you're going to get until it arrives on your doorstep. You can also take a look at the listing for June for a hint about that month's colourway. 

The pattern in June will be a hat, July will be socks, and August will be a cowl. 

The surprise is part of the fun, but we know that's not for everyone. Club colourways and patterns will be exclusive to the club for a year, but will be available with no surprises next summer. 


What is the skill level of the patterns?

The patterns are suitable for intermediate knitters, or adventurous beginners. Summer 2019 is a good example: we had a garter stitch scarf with increases and decreases to create chevrons, we had a pair of socks with a lacy ribbed cuff and a few rows of stranded colourwork at the toe, and we had a hat with columns of a contrast yarn and some bobbles. You can take a look at all our previous clubs here.


What is the difference between the Three Month and One Month clubs? 

This year we wanted to offer an option for folks who don't want to commit to a full three month club, so you have the option of signing up for each month individually. The only difference is how many months you're signing up for! 

June is currently listed (here) and you'll be able to sign up for July and August later in the summer. 


What is the cost for the club? 

The full three month club is $185, including shipping. Each month will be sold individually at a cost of $52 plus shipping. Including the cost of shipping, this adds up to a small savings if you sign up for the full three months, compared to buying each month individually.


I'm local, is there a discount if I pick up the yarn in person?

Yes, absolutely! Please select local pickup and use the code SHIPFREE2023CLUB at checkout. 

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