Weekend Fade FAQ

weekend fade gauge dye works orange grey blue


Find the Weekend Fade yarn here.

What weights of yarn can I choose from?

At the moment we have fade sets in both fingering and worsted weight. 

How many options are there? 

So many options! I'm dyeing up one-skein options and multi-skein fades. 

One Way Trip: For both fingering and worsted weight, we have a One-Way trip version that transitions from orange at one end, to grey, to blue at the other. Perfect for a cowl or hat!

Round Trip: Designed with matching socks in mind, the colours in the skein are mirrored, with orange at both ends, fading to grey, and then blue in the middle. This is available in fingering weight only. 

Multi-skein fades: There are five skeins in the full fade: orange, orange-grey, variegated grey, grey-blue, and blue. Use all five together, or pick your favourite and combine it with a one-skein fade!

How do I make socks? 

For matching fade socks, start with a skein of Weekend Fade (Round Trip) in fingering weight. The colour pattern in this skein is mirrored, so you will want to start the socks from opposite ends of the skein. You can either use a scale to divide the yarn in two when you wind it, or simply work from the other end of the cake for the second sock. 

You can, of course, also makes socks with any individual variegated skein from the fade set. 

How do I make a hat?

For a colour changing Musselburgh Hat, start with a skein of Weekend Fade (One Way Trip) in fingering weight. Cast on with whatever end is your favourite colour and follow the pattern as directed. For reference, used we used 3.5 mm (US 4) needles to achieve a gauge of 6 - 6.5 stitches per inch and found that creates a nice fabric with our Merino Twist yarn. 

For a worsted weight fade hat, start with a skein of Weekend Fade (One Way Trip) in worsted. Cast on with your favourite colour! 

How do I make a shawl?

There are so many options! In fact, it's hard to give advice here because you can't possibly go wrong. A single skein of One Way Trip in fingering weight will create a beautiful flowing gradient. Any three skeins of worsted weight could work beautifully together. 

How do I make a sweater? 

Create your own sweater kit! Here are a few options:

  1. Overall fade from cast-on to bind off. Consult pattern for yardage and order as many skeins as needed. For fingering weight in smaller sizes you will need fewer than five skeins. If you have the green, blue, and purple skeins, you can alternate skeins to blend seamlessly from one colour to the next. Fade sweater patterns have instructions on this blending.
  2. Fade sleeves. Depending on the size, you can use either the Round Trip or One Way Trip for fingering weight sleeves. The Socks Arms and Worsted Socks Arms sweater patterns are a good option for this. 
  3. Fade yoke with semi-solid arms and body. You can use your favourite sweater pattern (we like Flax and Flax Light).
  4. Stranded colourwork combined with a high contrast colour like black or white. 

weekend fade

Can I buy the fade skeins individually? 

Yes! The skeins in the photo above are (from left to right) Weekend A, B, C, D, E. They are all available individually. 

Find the Weekend Fade yarn here.

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