CLASSIC : Pumpkin Spice

This moody, autumnal, variegated colourway includes a burnt orange mini skein for heels and toes.
Notes on working with this yarn:
  • There's a subtle gradient going on here. See how the cuff of the sock is grey, and the colours slowly build until you reach the foot?
  • I've dyed the whole skein with a mirror image of the striping pattern, so for matching socks you'd cast on from opposite ends of the skein.
  • These socks were knit with one skein of yarn. No extra mini required. The burnt orange yarn for the toes and heels is dyed right into the main skein like one big stripe.
  • I like to wind the yarn into three separate cakes/balls before casting on. Here's how: starting from either end of the skein, start winding yarn. Notice that the yarn starts out all grey and slowly gets more colourful. Keep winding until you reach the central burnt orange. Cut the yarn. Wind the orange into a separate cake. Cut the yarn. Wind the rest of the yarn. Notice that this final cake starts out with a colourful section and ends in all-grey. If you wish to reverse this so it perfectly matches the first cake, re-wind this cake beginning from the outside. 
  • To help you visualize how it's dyed, see the sketch of how this skein would look if you knit it into a long tube. 

 Pattern: Rye Light by Tin Can Knits 


We sell regular and XL skeins:
115 g (4 oz) is a standard skein
170 g (6 oz) is 1.5 times a standard skein
Our photos are intended to capture the overall feel of the colourway, but our dye lots do vary. More details on our base yarns are available here.

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