Get Happy by Kate Atherley

Hydrogen Shawl by Catherine Gamroth (free download here)

For anyone wanting to customize their Social Fabric shawl, here is a lace alphabet.

Brioche for Beginners by Emma Knits

Shawl Stripes

Our shawl yarn is designed to be knit into any traditional triangular shawl worked from a cast on of a few stitches at the top-centre and increasing outwards to a long cast-off edge. Here are a few beautiful, simple patterns that let the colour be the star of the show:

Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West
Simple Yet Effective Shawl by Laura Chau


The striping will also work beautifully with several different construction methods:

Seastripes by Kirsten Kapur
Mount Bachelor by Taiga Hilliard
Laylow by Shannon Cook
Playground Shawl by Justyna Lorkowska

Classic Stripes

Our classic self-striping yarn can be used for socks, mittens, hats, cowls…you name it!  Here are a few of our favourite patterns:

Mitts: Linden Mitts by Jane Richmond
Toque: Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure
Socks: Sock Recipe by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee