SHAWL : Azurite D

Like all SHAWL skeins in the Azurite collection, Azurite D is dyed with a fade/gradient that matches the geometry of a triangular shawl  - in this case the orange end is the cast-on, dyed with shorter sections to match the short rows at the beginning of a shawl. The sections of colour get longer and longer as the shawl grows, ending with purples at the bind off. 

Shawl shown is MCN SHAWL in Azurite D (170 g / 6 oz)
Knitter: Arika Owsianski
Pattern: Afetos by Cartucha Knits. Details here


This listing is for one skein of yarn. This is the SHAWL version of this colourway; the CLASSIC/SOCK version is here.



We sell regular and XL skeins:
115 g (4 oz) is a standard skein
170 g (6 oz) is 1.5 times a standard skein
More more detail, see our base yarns.

Our photos are intended to capture the overall feel of the colourway, but our dye lots do vary. Look here for more info about our yarn, including a description of our base yarns.

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