This colourway was the product of a collaboration with Laura Nelkin for her 2015 M Club: the Phi For You shawl. 

Phi For You calls for one regular (115 g) skein and the pattern gives detailed instructions on working with the self-striping yarn.

We also have XL (170 g) skeins if you have a different pattern in mind or want to try your hand at modifying Phi For You for a larger shawl.

Bead kits are available through Laura Nelkin's Etsy shop

We sell regular and XL skeins:
115 g (4 oz) is a standard skein
170 g (6 oz) is 1.5 times a standard skein
Our photos are intended to capture the overall feel of the colourway, but our dye lots do vary. More details on our base yarns are available here.

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