SWEATER : White Light

SOLD OUT! Sorry if you missed out today, those skeins sold out much more quickly than I could ever have expected! 

I'll open up pre-orders as soon as I can and hopefully that will make for a less frustrating experience. (Why not take pre-orders today? I don't want to over-commit and have long delays in fulfilling orders because that is frustrating for you and stressful for me!)

Folks, it's a one-skein, self-striping baby sweater. BAM. 

Each skein begins with a rainbow of colours that will form the yoke, and then a lot of blue which you'll use for both the body and arms. There's also a section of green at the end of the skein, which you can add in anywhere you'd like (bottom ribbing in our sample). 

The sweater pictured is Flax Light by Tin Can Knits, but you can substitute any top-down raglan pattern, either cardigan or pullover. We've made the 0-6 month size with a 115 g (4 oz) skein. 

 Estimated yarn requirements for Flax Light: 

115 g (4 oz): 0-6 months, 6-12 months, [possibly 1-2 years]

170 (6 oz): 1-2 years, 2-4 years, [possibly 4-6 years]

The yarn requirements listed in the pattern seem generous, and based on our test sweaters, I think the above is realistic. But your mileage may vary, so keep your wits about you, knitters! 

The not-obvious difference between the two sizes of skeins is that the larger one allows for a bigger/wider/deeper yoke. If you use the XL skein for a newborn sweater, you'll have to divide for the arms mid-rainbow. 

This listing is for one skein of yarn, not the final knitted item. This is the SWEATER version of this colourway; click here for other options.  

We sell regular and XL skeins:
115 g (4 oz) is a standard skein
170 g (6 oz) is 1.5 times a standard skein
More more detail, see our base yarns.

Our photos are intended to capture the overall feel of the colourway, but our dye lots do vary. Look here for more info about our yarn, including a description of our base yarns.

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