Are you ready for sweaters?

Posted on November 23, 2022 by Gauge Dye Works


Sock Arms Sweater colourwheel

Sweater weather is upon us here in BC and we are here for it. 

We are still putting the finishing touches on this collection, but I couldn't resist sharing a preview of these gorgeous sweaters. Our test knitters paired our worsted self-striping yarn with the
 Sock Arms sweater and the results speak for themselves.

I'll be adding more photos and yarn details to the shop over the next few days, and the yarn will be available next Wednesday! 
Sock Arms Sweater love is love
Jacquie wearing a Worsted Sock Arms sweater with matching Love is Love arms.   
Sock Arms sweater colour wheel
Lottie wearing a Worsted Sock Arms sweater with mis-matched Colourwheel arms.  
The pattern our testers used is actually two patterns - the adult and children's versions of Worsted Sock Arms by designer Tellybean Knits. If you want to get a head start on planning your sweater, take a look at the pattern pages for more details:

Worsted Sock Arms (adult XS - 6XL sizes): Ravelry or Tellybean's Shop
Little Worsted Sock arms (newborn - 12 year sizes): Ravelry or Tellybean's Shop

In Other News

If you are looking for the Monte Carlo yarn or the coordinating Stochastic pattern, now's your chance! Hunter Hammersen has discontinued the pattern (along with most of her older work) but it is available on Ravelry and Payhip right now until Friday. In celebration, we are bringing the yarn out of retirement for a few days too.  The yarn will be in our shop until Friday, November 25. 

Last week on Substack, I wrote about some of the design process for Our Solar System.

A heads up that our prices will be changing in the new year. We haven't reviewed our prices in years (did time even exist in 2022/2021?) so we are overdue for some increases. This is a hard but necessary business decision, and we appreciate your understanding. 
Monte Carlo purple and grey hat

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Twinkle Week ends this Friday

Posted on November 16, 2022 by Gauge Dye Works

Twinkle socks hat Andrea rangel gauge dye works

Twinkle is available until the end of the week. 

This is our holiday colourway, inspired by vintage twinkle lights. It will only be in the shop until this Friday, so if you'd like to get your hands on a skein or two, act now! 

There are two versions of Twinkle. Both are fingering weight, but the striping pattern is different:
Original Sock - pairs perfectly with Andrea Rangel's Saxe Point sock pattern. 
One Way Trip - for hats, cowls, or scarves. If you're looking for inspiration, check out Andrea's post with pattern suggestions

The graphic below shows the difference between the two versions.  This is from a blog post I created to answer our two most frequently asked Twinkle questions (faTq).

Twinkle Colour maps

In Other News

Last week on Substack, I wrote about translating Twinkle from socks to a cowl.

A heads up that our prices will be changing in the new year. We haven't reviewed our prices in years (did time even exist in 2022/2021?) so we are overdue for some increases. This is a hard but necessary business decision, and we appreciate your understanding. 

We do have a few more exciting things planned for the rest of the year (worsted weight sweaters! the return of our winter yarn club!) plus a healthy stock of yarn on our shelves. So there are still several chances to take advantage of our current prices before they go up in 2023.


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Twinkle yarn in two thousand words.

Posted on November 15, 2022 by Gauge Dye Works

We all know the exchange rate for pictures and words, let's start with one thousand and six words to sum up the difference between the sock version of the Twinkle yarn and the One Way Trip version we used for our sample hat. 

Twinkle colour map


And now some more words to answer another frequently asked question about Twinkle - does is come with enough yarn to make the pair of socks in the picture?  With all the different colours and everything? The answer is yes. 

The sock version of Twinkle is based on our Saxe Point yarn. There is a long self-striping section, plus a section of dark grey for the toe, heel, and cuff, and shorter beige section for the colourwork at the cuff. It is dyed and sold as one skein, and you can wind it into separate balls to create your own sock kit.  

Find the Twinkle collection here. 

Twinkle Yarn wound into balls

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Have You Started Your Holiday Knitting?

Posted on November 14, 2022 by Gauge Dye Works

Twinkle Sock yarn Saxe Point Andrea Rangel

For some of us knitters, "holiday knitting" means gift giving of epic proportions, like matching sweaters for all twelve grandkids. For others, one or two small thoughtful gifts for the most worthy of friends and family. And for others, it's planning ahead to have a special project to cast on for yourself during the holidays. 

To help with your planning, we have our festive Twinkle yarn back in stock. Above, Andrea is wearing her Saxe Point socks knit up using the original Twinkle sock yarn. And below, Mandy is going matchy-matchy with *three* different accessories, all knit from the Twinkle Hat yarn. Project details are on the product pages if you're looking for inspiration.

In Other News

Last week on Substack, I wrote about planning a colourway on worsted weight yarn vs. fingering weight. 

Colourwheel Worsted


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It's time for courage

Posted on November 14, 2022 by Gauge Dye Works

Courage Musselburgh Hat gauge dye works ysolda

It's time for Courage!

Our newest colourway is in the shop now. This yarn uses a colour code to represent the letters of the alphabet and spells out COURAGE. 

Arika is wearing a Musselburgh Hat knit using the One Way Trip version of this yarn.

 Courage Hello Alphabet Musselburgh Hat

In Other News

I just got my copy of 'Record, Map & Capture', all about data visualization in textile arts. It's a beautifully made book and I'm looking forward to diving in deeper. 

Last week on Substack, I wrote a bit about the colour alphabet that I used for the Courage colourway.


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Maple is back in stock!

Posted on October 26, 2022 by Gauge Dye Works

Maple socks gauge dye works red orange yellow green

Maple and Goldstream are back in stock!  Thanks for your patience. I've dyed up more of last week's favourites and they're in the shop now

In the photo above, Mandy is modelling her Wildflower Meadow socks in the Maple colourway. Mandy modified the pattern by substituting an Owl motif from Alterknit at the cuff. Aren't they great?

Musselburgh hat on the needles. There are seven stripes to spell out the word courage. gauge dye works


Caitlin Ffrench is writing a book about the magic of foraging pigments and making art. You can back it on Kickstarter.

At Gauge, we are working on a new addition to our Hello Alphabet series: COURAGE. The colourway will be in the shop in early November, and I've written a bit here about the idea behind this yarn.

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Cozy autumn vibes

Posted on October 19, 2022 by Gauge Dye Works


Gauge Dye Works fall colours


It has been unseasonably warm in BC this fall, but the cooler air is beginning to creep in at the edges and inspired me to dye up some of our autumnal colourways. Come take a look at our fall colours if you, too, are looking for a cozy project for your needles.

Above, from left to right: Maple, Northern Flicker, Saxe Point, Autumn Socks, Goldstream.

 Anna's Hummingbird socks gauge dye works checklist of birds


Gauge is on Substack! I've been writing about what goes on behind the scenes here, and some of the design process for our colourways. I hope you enjoy it. 

No account is required, but you can subscribe if you'd like to receive weekly posts in your inbox.


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