Lisa's Sweater

Posted on December 05, 2018 by Gauge Dye Works

Flax Light sweater by Tin Can Knits in self striping Whiskey in a Teacup yarn from Gauge Dye Works


Meet Lisa. Lisa works at our booth at Knit City every year. She's great. 
Meet Lisa's Sweater. Lisa's Sweater is also great, though it does not work the booth at Knit City.
Lisa knit her Sweater using two skeins of our XL sweater yarn, the stuff that's intended for toddlers sweaters. Because here's the thing that Lisa realized: a 6-year-old is approximately half an adult, as far as sweater quantities of yarn are concerned. So by alternating skeins every row, she was able to make the stripes work and create an adult-sized version of this beauty. 
I know you have questions. The answers are: Flax Light, medium, yes, and definitely yes. For more details, see Lisa's Ravelry page here

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Preparing your Saxe Point Yarn

Posted on November 28, 2018 by Gauge Dye Works

Saxe Point socks French Beach Carmanah Gauge Dye Works Andrea Rangel

My most popular colourway this fall, hands down, has been the red-grey-tan Saxe Point, followed closely by the blue-grey-gold French Beach, both designed for Andrea Rangel's Saxe Point sock pattern. Carmanah, with its subtler green-grey-blue colours rounds out this collection.
Unlike your average self-striping sock yarn, these skeins are dyed with three distinct sections: stripes, heel/toe, and a contrast colour. For Saxe Point, the heel/toe is red; for French Beach, it's dark blue; and for Carmanah, it's light blue. 
If you're wondering how to best manage these different sections of the yarn, here's what Andrea recommends in the Saxe Point pattern:
  1. Wind the two solid colours in their own balls, so you can easily pull from them for the heels/toes/cuffs.
  2. Wind the striped portion into one ball. Knit your first sock, and then, for matching socks, pull off yarn until you see your starting colour again.

Saxe Point skein divided for sock pattern by Andrea Rangel Gauge Dye Works

There are ten stripes in the sequence (5 greys, 5 tan/brown/peach for Saxe Point) and the sequence repeats six times. So there are 60 stripes in total. If you would like to divide the stripes into two separate balls, you can count the colour changes to find the halfway point. 


UPDATE with instructions on how to wind the yarn:

Place the hank on a swift or around a friend's hands as usual. Start winding from either end and watch what's happening with the yarn.

If you the colours are changing every 4 m or so, you're at the self-striping end. Wind the yarn into a ball until the end of the striped section; all the grey will be in your ball and only the main and contrast colours will remain in the hank. At the transition from stripes to main colour, cut the yarn. Wind the main colour into a new ball. At the transition from main to contrast colour, cut the yarn. Wind the contrast colour into a new ball. 

If there is a long section of a solid colour, you're at the contrast colour end. Wind the yarn into a ball; there's about 40 m of the contrast colour. At the transition from the contrast colour to the main colour, cut the yarn. Wind the main colour into a new ball. At the transition from the main colour to the stripes, cut the yarn. Wind the striped section into a new ball. 

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Knit Outside

Posted on October 05, 2018 by Gauge Dye Works

Knit Outside | self striping patterning yarn from Gauge Dye works with shawl and sock patterns from Andrea Rangel

It's here! My Knit Outside collection with Andrea Rangel is available for pre-order! 

Along with the original three projects from our summer 2017 club, I've created new colourways for all three patterns: Goldstream, Saxe Point, and North Shore

Goldstream shawl self striping knitting pattern and wool yarn from Andrea Rangel and gauge dye works

Saxe Point shawl self striping knitting pattern and wool yarn from Andrea Rangel and gauge dye works

North Shore shawl self striping knitting pattern and wool yarn from Andrea Rangel and gauge dye works

I've also got a limited number of the beautiful print copies of Andrea's pattern collection. The print copy includes an ebook and is actually priced slightly lower than the ebook alone (thank you exchange rate!) so don't miss out! 

The patterns are also available individually through Ravelry or Andrea's website

Knit Outside print and ebook from Andrea Rangel

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July club project: Full Spectrum

Posted on July 31, 2018 by Gauge Dye Works

Full Spectrum rainbow self striping wool yarn hat by Andrea Rangel knits and gauge dye works

It's time to share our July project from my summer yarn + pattern club with Andrea Rangel: Full Spectrum! 

Full Spectrum geometric self striping wool yarn hat by Andrea Rangel knits and gauge dye works

It's a reversible toque with two different approaches to colourwork - a self-striping rainbow on one side and stranded colourwork on the other. 

Full Spectrum reversible self striping wool yarn hat by Andrea Rangel knits and gauge dye works

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Behind the Scenes: Shadow Prism

Posted on July 25, 2018 by Booth Helpers

The first pattern in our 2018 Summer Club, Shadow Prism, started out with this text between me and Andrea:

3D skylight image

It's a picture of a skylight, with the recessed wall reflected against the blue sky in the window. It definitely needs to be a shawl. A 2D shawl with the right colours and angles to create a 3D effect. 

We talked about a few practical limitations - 600 yds of fingering weight, needs to be a wearable shape, stitch pattern should help emphasize the construction and the 3D effect. Nothing too fiddly, let the yarn do the colour changes for you.

Andrea did a few swatches while I worked away at a colour palette. I don't have pictures of Andrea's first swatches, but she started with a mitered square construction and then considered how to join in other colours without using intarsia. 

For the colours, we both liked the blues and yellows in the original skylight picture, but they felt too close to North Shore, one of our club colourways from 2017. So instead I aimed for a sunset-inspired colourway.  

A couple coffee dates later, we had these:

Swatch with ribbing

swatch with garter

Not bad, right? I especially like that first one with the ribbing, but we didn't feel it had enough 3D oomph to it. A little more pondering and sketching: 

Geometry scarf sketches

Shadow Prism scarf sketches

We finally decided on a shape that had the effect we wanted, and that made sense on the technical side of writing a pattern and dyeing yarn. 

Final Shadow Prism sketchSHEBAM!

And then some more back and forth, ironing out details. The two of us living in the same city made this collaboration possible - being able to physically touch the same samples and hand off skeins of yarn at the coffee shop made it happen.

text between gauge dye works and Andrea Rangel

And then, whala, a scarf! (Andrea is a fast knitter.) 

Final Shadow Prism Scarf


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June club project: Shadow Prism

Posted on July 25, 2018 by Gauge Dye Works

Shadow Prism knit scarf by Andrea Rangel and Gauge Dye Works Summer Yarn and Pattern Club

I'm excited to share June's project from my summer yarn + pattern club with Andrea Rangel. Shadow Prism is a scarf but it's also an optical illusion - Andrea and I collaborated on the design and colours so the finished object looks like a 3D box. 

Shadow Prism 3D box scarf Andrea Rangel Gauge Dye Works knitting pattern

This is exclusive to the club until fall 2019 but the good news is that our patterns and yarn from the 2017 club will be available in a couple months. 

Shadow Prism knitted scarf garter stitch Andrea Rangel Gauge Dye Works

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Azurite is here!

Posted on July 03, 2018 by Gauge Dye Works

Azurite collection of self striping gradient yarn gauge dye works
Introducing our new Azurite colourways!
If you've been waiting for the January 2017 club colourway to be released, this is it, along with five sister colourways that I created using variations of the same colour recipe.
It's a gradient/fade shawl shawl in a single skein. And if shawls aren't your thing, I've used the same colours to create striped socks with a built-in mini skein for your sock heels.  Come take a look

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