Posted on September 13, 2021 by Gauge Dye Works

Fibrations festival

Our local fibre festival, Fibrations is this Sunday, September 19 in Victoria, BC! We will have seconds skeins, all our new colourways, and more. 

  • Seconds skeins! We are bringing two big tubs of (heavily discounted) seconds skeins. Skeins may be marked as seconds for various reasons, including uneven dying, knots or messy joins, or being an experimental or small batch colourway. 
  • This is your first chance to grab a skein of our Botanical Sampler cowl yarn from last year's August club with Andrea Rangel.
  • We are turning the graphic above into a Fibrations colourway (similar to these). In support of the festival's fundraising efforts, $5 from each skein sold will be donated to the Indian Residential School Survivor Society. We are dyeing a limited number and any extras will be added to our online shop the following week.  
  • Toonie raffle! As always, the toonie raffle is a big part of what makes Fibrations possible. Look for our Botanical Sampler and Fibrations yarn in the raffle tent. 
  • We are bringing all our new (or new-ish) colourways including Our Solar System, Hello World, and Live Long and Prosper. 
  • Masks are recommended everywhere on festival grounds and are required in our booth. 

Typically, our booth is busy when the market opens at 10am, and things slow down after lunch. If you prefer a more leisurely experience, we recommend coming later in the day. We will be there until 6pm! 

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5 tips for knitting Our Solar System socks

Posted on May 10, 2021 by Gauge Dye Works

Sock placement options

We’ve invited Holli Yeoh to guest post and talk about how she would knit socks with our new Our Solar System colourway.

Holli has also offered us a coupon code on her Tip Toe Up pattern. Use the code SOLAR in her Ravelry or Payhip shop for a 15% discount. 

Whether you choose to knit a round-trip with sunny toes on one foot and the far reaches of the solar system adorning your toes on the other foot, or make your sock journey a one-way ticket for two, these tips will help you get started and plan out a pit stop for your heel.

1. Use a Sock Pattern That Doesn’t Disrupt the Flow of Stripes

Conventional sock construction with a heel flap and gusset changes the stitch count through the instep, which in turn affects the width of the stripes. My Tip Toe Up pattern—a toe up sock pattern with a forethought heel—eliminates this problem and allows the brilliantly designed stripe progression to continue, unaffected, over the instep.

Read the rest here

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Our Solar System yarn has arrived!

Posted on May 05, 2021 by Gauge Dye Works

Our solar system has arrived and is in the shop here
The vastness of space is a real problem for someone who wants their socks to be an accurate representation of the cosmos, and an even bigger problem if that someone also does not want their socks to be longer than their legs. Since I am that someone, I had to get creative with stripes. Read more about the design process here. 

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May Preview

Posted on April 30, 2021 by Gauge Dye Works

Summer collage tan green blue gauge dye works andrea rangel

We have two exciting projects coming up in May! 

First up, is our annual summer club with Andrea Rangel. We have collaborated to create club kits with a pattern and perfectly coordinating self-striping yarn. The pattern and yarn details are a surprise but we will have three colour palettes to choose from. 
Here are a few more details to help you to plan your summer:
  • We’re launching signups for the June club instalment on May 17, 2021. Clubs will ship mid-June.
  • The collage above is a colour story for the second of three colour options that we’ll be offering for the June club.
  • Like last year, we’re doing two club instalments (June and August) with separate signups.
  • We think you’re going to love it!
If you don’t remember or know what this is all about, check out this blog post Andrea wrote last year to introduce the club or this listing of all our previous clubs. 
Solar system graphic gauge dye works
 Coming up next week is our new Solar System yarn! The yarn is based on the graphic above, to create a knittable representation of the planets* and their place in the solar system.
  • Yarn will be listed in the shop May 5, 2021.
  • We have two options for the stripes. Round trip has two mirrored halves for matching socks. One way trip has one repeat of the graphic and is perfect for a hat or scarf. 
  • We are still working to get our samples photographed. Keep an eye on our instagram feed for more sneak peaks!
  • This will be a pre-order and orders will ship within 4-6 weeks.

* Pluto is no longer considered a planet, I know. My original draft on instagram did not include Pluto and wow, the pro-Pluto contingent had some feedback for me. You will need to knit large socks to get all the way out there, but soon Pluto can be in your socks as well as your hearts. 

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Custom Shawls for the Curious and Creative Knitter

Posted on October 23, 2020 by Gauge Dye Works

Custom Shawls for the Curious and Creative Knitter

Today's shop update is in celebration of the new book Custom Shawls for the Curious and Creative Knitter by Kate Atherley and Kim McBrien Evans. 

This book is both a beginner's guide to shawl knitting and a deep dive into the ocean of shape, texture, and colour. A trusty companion for anyone who is looking to learn the rules or is ready to break them.

Kim used a skein of my yarn for her Adjacent shawl and I couldn't be more thrilled. It is a quirky, tricky pattern that is going to take some thinking on the part of the knitter.  If you have trouble maintaining even gauge, you will have to get creative. If you want to substitute yarn, you'll have to be clever. This pattern is intentionally a bit of a challenge and if that's what you're looking for, I think you are going to love it. 

Adjacent calls for a 170 g / 6 oz skein of Azurite F.  I've switched over to new dyes since the Azurite colourways were last in the shop and this time around the colours are a little less vibrant and have shifted slightly, but I think they capture the same flavours as the originals: Azurite D Remix and Azurite F Remix

I've also included Colourwheel in this update. It does not have the same number/size stripes as the Azurites, but would make a glorious Adjacent (or maybe Askew?)  The knitter can decide whether to modify the pattern for the wider stripes, or simply work the pattern exactly as written and not worrying whether the stripes line up perfectly with the triangles (it's gradient-y enough, it'll be great). 


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Introducing Merino Twist Eco

Posted on October 22, 2020 by Gauge Dye Works

Three skeins of colourful self-striping yarn gauge dye works

We've just added a new base yarn to our lineup that we're extra excited about: Merino Twist Eco.

The wool is this yarn is certified organic by GOTS, ensuring that it meets social and ecological standards in everything from the care of the sheep to the working conditions for farmers to the superwash-like treatment of the wool. (The yarn itself isn't certified organic due to the 20% nylon content.)

Merino Twist Eco has the same 8-ply construction as our trusty Merino Twist, making it a great choice for hard-wearing items like socks. 

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Join us for a show and tell!

Posted on September 28, 2020 by Gauge Dye Works

 Join us for a show and tell with Gauge and Andrea Rangel

Please join us for a Zoom Show and Tell

The thing I will miss most about the Knit City marketplace this year is seeing so many familiar faces and beautiful hand knits. I didn't want to miss out completely, so I decided to participate in Fibre Love Affair. It's an online marketplace and will have trunk shows and demos going on all weekend October 3 & 4. It's free, but registration is required. 

I'll be hosting a zoom on Sunday evening and would love if you could pretend it's my Knit City booth. Please pop in, say hi, show off your Gauge knits, and get inspired! 

I'll be joined by special guest and friend of Gauge, Andrea Rangel. Between the two of us, we have plenty of pretty knitted things to show off, but we're especially looking forward to oohing and aahing over your projects. (Only if you want though, as a nerdy introvert I feel it's important to be clear that you can quietly watch and not show or tell anything and that's great too.)

Show and Tell (zoom link)
October 4 @ 6:00-7:00 pm Pacific Time. 
Bring your Gauge hand knits if you've got 'em. 
Everyone welcome.
You must register at Fibre Love Affair to receive the password for the Zoom meeting. 

We'll also be offering a limited number of kits for the Sun and Moon socks as part of the event. The kit includes one skein of the Sun colourway (pictured above) and a copy of Andrea's sock pattern. I'll have them in the shop at 5 pm Pacific Time on October 4. 

We'll have the full summer 2019 collection available later in October, but if you've been waiting since last summer for these socks, this is your early bird chance. 

p.s. Knit City is online this year with a full schedule of online workshops and Friday knit night with the Grocery Girls. 

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