Angles and Light

Posted on November 13, 2019 by Gauge Dye Works

Angles and Light | hand knitting patterns and yarn from andrea rangel and gauge dye works

Introducing the Angles and Light collection! Three patterns and five colourways available now.

If this looks familiar,  it's because these projects were from my popular 2018 summer club with Andrea Rangel. I know some of you have been waiting all year for these to be available individually and I'm happy to say they're here now!  

The crowd favourite last year was the clever, reversible Full Spectrum hat so I've cooked up a couple new colourways with the same striping pattern. This toque is worked from the crown of one hat, through the brim, and to the crown of the other hat. All colourways have a self-striping section on one side, and contrast yarn included for a colour work section on the other. 

Full Spectrum hat

Another project that, in my humble opinion, would work beautifully with any of the yarn in this collection is Andrea's Slanted Stripes cowl. I knit up a sample in Full Spectrum, and Andrea posted some tips here about working the pattern in self-striping yarn. (Or leftover yarn from other projects, it's a fantastic scrap-buster!)

Slanted Stripes cowl in Full Spectrum yarn

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Silhouette and Sky

Posted on October 02, 2019 by Catherine Gamroth

Silhouette and Sky
It's here! The final project from our summer yarn club. This is Silhouette and Sky, a fun, sunset-inspired hat.  
Pattern by Andrea Rangel. Photography by Zee Photo. Model Jessica Duncan

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Whiskey in a Teacup

Posted on September 26, 2019 by Booth Helpers

Whiskey in a Teacup shawl

I quietly added my Whiskey in a Teacup shawl pattern to Ravelry yesterday. Many of you have been patiently waiting for this and I apologize that it has taken me so long to get it ready for you. It's free on Ravelry

My plan was to wait for a time when I could launch the pattern and the yarn together with great fanfare, but the date kept getting pushed further and further back and so I decided to go with Plan B: release the pattern now. Those of you who already have the yarn in your stashes, here you go!

If it's not already in your stash but you'd like it to be, I've got it carved in stone in my dyeing schedule for this winter. 

This yarn was first released last fall and I added it to the shop with a photo of a knitted shawl that I made up as I was going along. Understandably, people wanted to use the yarn to make the shawl in the photo! So I learned a few lessons from that experience - I should always use a pattern for shop samples (even if I really want to knit something else for fun), and if I say I'm going to work on a pattern, either get it done asap or set a firm release date for later on because it can't be "coming soon" forever.

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Design process: Morning and Evening

Posted on September 23, 2019 by Catherine Gamroth

Morning and Evening knit scarf by Andrea rangel gauge dye works
This scarf, the August project in my club with Andrea Rangel, came together quite quickly. Other than all the knitting, which clearly took a little while. But conceptually it was quick. 
It began with a sketch and a swatch Andrea did with some yarn she had lying around in colours she found inspiring. 
Sketch for morning and evening scarf Andrea Rangel Gauge Dye Works
My dyeing method doesn't allow me to do speckles, but I tried to recreate the feel of a neutral with pops of colour along the way. 
circular sock machine swatches for morning and evening hand knit scarf
With the colours decided, I dyed up test skeins for Andrea to work with. 
Progress shots knitting mornings and evening scarf
We made a couple minor adjustments along the way but stayed remarkably true to Andrea's original sketches. I'm so happy with the final result! 
celebratory emojis
Pattern by Andrea Rangel. Professional photography by Zee Photo. Unprofessional photography by me and Andrea. Model Jessica Duncan.

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Morning and Evening

Posted on September 18, 2019 by Booth Helpers

Here's a peek at Morning and Evening, the August project in my summer club with Andrea Rangel. 
Pattern by Andrea Rangel. Photography by Zee Photo. Model Jessica Duncan

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Design process: Sun and Moon

Posted on September 18, 2019 by Catherine Gamroth

Sun and Moon hand knit socks by andrea rangel and Gauge Dye works
These socks, the first project in our summer club with Andrea Rangel, were inspired by the theme of our club: SKY. 
Looking back, a moody, sky-like gradient combined with sun and moon themed colour work seems kinda obvious, but it took me a while to get there. We knew we wanted socks with a bit of colour work at the toe, but all my ideas for colours involved too much cowbell at the cuff and on the leg. I didn't want the toe and the cuff competing for who should get the most attention. 
sock swatches knit on a circular sock machine
Here are a few ideas that I worked though. I got a circular sock machine at the beginning of the year so I can quickly knit up swatches and test out ideas. I had a couple ideas that looked great in my head but that I just couldn't translate onto yarn. 
Once we settled on the colours and I (finally) had some yarn for Andrea to work with, the design came together fairly quickly.  First, this text. 
text chain discussing adding texture to the sock cuff and planning the gradient to accommodate the heel.
Then, before I knew it, a sock! 
text chain with a photo of a completed sock and me responding with "oooooooooo"
And of course we did decide to go for a moon option as well. (Club members random received either the sun or moon colours and the pattern includes charts for both.) It came together beautifully in the end! 
Sun and Moon socks, moon toe option Andrea Rangel Gauge Dye Works
Finally, a great part of the design process for this whole collection was that one time we met at Andrea's place and she made a very tasty apple crumble. Highly recommend this recipe. 
Pattern by Andrea Rangel. Professional photography by Zee Photo. Unprofessional photography by me and Andrea. Model Jessica Duncan.

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Sun & Moon

Posted on August 07, 2019 by Gauge Dye Works

Sun and Moon gradient hand knit socks andrea rangel gauge dye works blue

A little peek at our July club project: Sun & Moon. Club members received with the SUN or MOON version of this colourway, and the pattern induces two options for the colour work.

Sun and Moon socks hand knitting andrea rangel gauge dye works knit  

The yarn and pattern are exclusive to the club for a year but we couldn't resist sharing a peek and what we're working on. 

Pattern by Andrea Rangel. Photography by Zee Photo. Model Jessica Duncan

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